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Shipping Information

Please note that we are subject to the shipping company's liability policies. For example, we are not responsible for delays due to weather. If your order is of high value, signature required may be put on the package. When shipping your order will arrive within these delivery estimates based on your location and selected shipping speed.


How do I get free shipping on my order?

If your order qualifies, a Free Shipping option will appear in the our menu on the check out screen.


Please be advised: The duties and taxes associated with importing and clearing your package through customs are not included in the shipping costs charged during the checkout process. These costs are incurred when the Parcel Carrier clears the products through customs on your behalf. You will be required to reimburse the Parcel Carrier for these costs at the time of delivery. Although we are confident our Parcel Carrier partners understand the importation requirements in all the countries where they operate, government agency actions and decisions may results in shipping delays. We are not responsible for any costs incurred as a result of these actions or decisions.